Success Stories

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Excerpts From Some Gingerbread House Families

From a victim’s grandmother: “I am writing this letter to thank you and everyone at the Gingerbread House for all the care and love you have given to my grandson.  You know the abuse my grandson has had to endure from his older half brother.  You have taken a five year old little boy who would not talk and could not tell what was happening to him to a happy nine year old who thanks to you is learning to cope and deal with the injustice being abused brings.  My grandson has come from a little boy who would not sleep or allow the lights to be turned off in the house to a confident young man who now sleeps in his room with no lights on.  His nightmares have all but disappeared.  I know my grandson has a lot of work still to do and with the help of the Gingerbread House and the facility, I will one day watch with pride a confident young man who will be a good citizen and not a troubled young man in our society.  I cannot imagine where my grandchild would be today if there wasn’t a Gingerbread House.  I know my grandson is only one in many children that needs your help and like my grandson, they too would be lost if there was no Gingerbread House.  The Gingerbread House has given my grandchild a life, for I know my grandson would have disappeared if there wasn’t a Gingerbread House or a Dr. Brown (Gingerbread House Counselor).”

From a victim’s grandmother: “My granddaughter is a victim of sexual abuse.  At the time we found this out we were referred to the Gingerbread House.  That was the best thing that could have happened at that time.  My granddaughter or myself could never manage to make it without the staff at the Gingerbread House.  The whole staff, from the office to the counselor, is and always has been very considerate and helpful.  She is still seeing the Therapist there and we look forward to each visit.  It really helps us through the month.”

From a victim’s mother: “The care and nurturing my son has received from the Gingerbread House has in a sense, brought him back to life.  The incident forced my son into regression.  After our first visit, I saw some change in his disposition.  After a few months there was even a bigger change.  He looks forward to every visit and his spirits brighten to an extent that I thought I’d never see again.  The Gingerbread House is a haven, a place for hope for both child and parent.  Without it, we’d be lost in society.”

From a victim’s mother: “Although formal charges have yet to be made against the accused, my one saving grace has been knowing I am doing all that I can to protect my children with the help of the Gingerbread House.  The Gingerbread House has been our only source of good help and good information.  Though the facility is modest, it is always the staff who makes the difference.  You couldn’t find a more qualified, caring staff anywhere.”

From a victim’s parents: “We would like to offer a special note pertaining to the services our 5 year old son has received at the Gingerbread House after it was determined that he was sexually molested last summer at a Pediatric Oncology camp.  After three months of weekly sessions with Dr. Brown (Gingerbread House Counselor), our son is no longer making suicidal statements or indicating that he wants to run away from home.  Life is by no means perfect after this horrible crime, but our child is undoubtedly headed in the right direction.  We have a lot to be grateful for with the services and understanding from the staff of the Gingerbread House.”

 Names withheld to protect the children’s identities.