Child Interview

Important Information You Need to Know About Your Child’s Forensic Interview

What is the Gingerbread House (GBH)?
dreamstime_s_23429084The Gingerbread House is Bossier/Caddo’s Children’s Advocacy Center. Your child will be coming to GBH because an allegation of abuse has been made, or you child may have witnessed a traumatic event. As a result, law enforcement requested that you come to GBH so that our Forensic Interviewer can speak with your child in a warm, friendly environment designed specifically for children.
If you need to change your appointment time, you must contact the detective in charge of your case directly; GBH cannot change your appointment time.
Who will my child talk to?
Your child will talk to a Forensic Interviewer. The Interviewer has special training and experience in talking with children about difficult subjects in an age-appropriate manner. The Interviewer’s goal is to make your child as comfortable as possible while gathering the necessary information for an investigation. Questions are asked in a non-threatening and non-leading manner. The Interviewer moves at a pace that is comfortable with your child and never forces a child to talk to them. A DVD recording is made of the interview that is released to law enforcement for further investigation.
Can I watch my child’s interview?
No, according to the Louisiana Children’s Code, only those people who are directly involved in the investigation are allowed to observe the interview, such as law enforcement, child protection workers and prosecutors.
What do I tell my child about the interview?
You might tell your child, “We are going to go to the Gingerbread House. It is a special place where kids go to talk. The person you will be talking to talks to lots of kids about what happens to them. They need to know everything that you remember so that we can make sure you are safe and okay. It is important that you tell the truth and only talk about what really happened. It is okay for you to talk to them. YOU ARE NOT IN ANY TROUBLE.
Should I talk to my child about the abuse before the interview?
No, not unless your child brings up the subject and wants to talk about it. In that case, listen to your child without commenting or questioning. Be sure to tell your child that he/she will be alright. While you want to be open and available to your child if they need to talk, you should not question your child about it, or suggest things to your child concerning the interview. The goal of a forensic interview is to make sure your child does not have to repeatedly discuss a traumatic experience, and that your child’s disclosure is as complete, accurate and free of outside influences as possible.
What will happen when we get to Gingerbread House?
When you first arrive at the Gingerbread House, the Forensic Interviewer will speak to you and gather basic information about your child. The Interviewer will explain the interview process, the other services that GBH offers and will answer any questions that you have. The Interviewer will then conduct the interview with your child in one of our interview rooms that have been specially designed to make children feel comfortable. Your child’s investigative team will be observing the interview on a television screen in our observation room. The team can communicate with the Interviewer using earpieces if they have specific questions they need to ask. Once the interview is complete, the Interviewer will speak with you again, and answer any questions.


Driving Directions

Coming from the East On I-20:

  • Take the I-49 S exit, EXIT 17B, toward ALEXANDRIA.
  • Take the PETE HARRIS DR exit on the LEFT.
  • Merge onto MURPHY ST toward SHREVEPORT.
  • Turn RIGHT onto DASHIEL ST.
  • Turn RIGHT onto BUCKNER ST.
  • 1700 BUCKNER ST is on the LEFT.

Coming from the West On I-20:

  • Take the FAIRFIELD AVE exit, EXIT 18C.
  • Take the FAIRFIELD AVE ramp.
  • Turn RIGHT onto DASHIEL ST.
  • Turn RIGHT onto BUCKNER ST.
  • 1700 BUCKNER ST is on the LEFT.