The Gingerbread House coordinates local efforts in child abuse education and awareness. Services include Knowledge is Power and Stewards of Children. 

dreamstime_m_16596967Knowledge is Power is a body safety / sexual abuse risk-reduction program with components for children (preschool through elementary school level), school personnel and other mandated reporters, and parents.

Stewards of Children is a nationally-recognized, evidence based prevention program for adults by the organization Darkness to Light. The Gingerbread House Staff has been recognized as a facilitator of this program.

In addition, the Gingerbread House conducts numerous presentations for community organizations on topics related to child abuse.  Contact us to set up a time for Gingerbread House to make a presentation to your school or business.

Empower your children and help keep them safe by educating them.

It is critical for parents to understand that 93% of children are victimized by people they know (Darkness to Light;  Less than 7% of children are victimized by a stranger. Both have devastating consequences.

Child abuse is an issue that must be addressed by the entire community. The best way to prevent child abuse is to increase awareness about the legal responsibility to report suspected abuse, provide education about the dynamics of abuse, understand its long term effects, and most important, have a conversation with our children.

The Gingerbread House has an entire educational curriculum on preventing abuse, known as  Knowledge is Power, with components for children, parents, educators, professionals, and mandated reporters.  For more information contact Alex Person, Family Advocate/Forensic Interviewer, at (318) 674-2900 or

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