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  • Teach children the correct names for all their different body parts, including their private parts.
  • Help young children remember by using a description such as “body parts covered by a swimsuit”.
  • Establish family safety rules about touching.


Telling children that NO ONE has the right to touch them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.  Teach kids to:

1. Say words that mean NO (“Leave me alone”/ “Stop that”/”I don’t want to do that”).

2. Get away.

3. Tell a grown up.


  • Safety steps help children know what to do.

Remember, it is NEVER a child’s fault if someone breaks the touching rules. 

Children rarely lie about being abused. Believe the child who tells you he/she has been abused and seek professional help by reporting the abuse.

Caddo OCS (child protective services or Bossier OCS (child protective services)

These agencies investigate if the child lives with the offender or the offender is a caretaker of the child.


Shreveport Police Department:  (318) 673-7300 Bossier City Police Department: (318) 741-8611

These agencies investigate if the abuse occurred inside city limits.


Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office: (318) 675-2150 Bossier City Sheriff’s Office: (318) 965-2203

These agencies investigate if the abuse occurred outside city limits.

Gingerbread House:  (318) 674-2900 Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana: (318) 425-8060

If you have any questions about who to call or when to call please feel free to call these agencies.


  • Ask Questions. Be informed.  Know who your children spend time with.  FOLLOW YOUR GUT REACTIONS.